Summer offer from Etihad Airways...

Etihad Airways has come up with a summer offer for flyers travelling from 10 cities in the country, including Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kozhikode, to destinations in the United States and Australia.

Available in both the economy and business class, the airlines has announced special prices for bookings made by March 31 for travel until July 31 this year. The offers are for the American cities of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington DC and the popular cities in Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

The flyers to the U.S will able to pre-clear U.S. Immigration and Customs at Abu Dhabi International Airport. The guests could also enjoy a holiday within a holiday by extending their time with a two-night stay in Abu Dhabi and exploring the city with the new 48-hour free UAE transit visa, a release from the airline on Tuesday said.

Economy fares

Special economy fares to the four US cities are in the range of Rs 60, 231 to Rs 64,244 and Rs 1,84,937 to Rs 2,22,011 in the business class. In the three cities of Australia, the special fares in the economy class vary from Rs 51,269 to Rs 73,175. Guests could avail themselves of the special prices via ETHIHAD or book via their local travel agents.

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