Steps taken for training of sportspersons in view of COVID-19.

Due to outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, all the conventional training programmes being conducted in all SAI centres across the country, under various SAI Sports Promotional Schemes were temporarily suspended and the foreign training of Indian athletes were also curtailed. For the first time in the history of the modern games, the Olympics and Paralympics Games, 2020 have been postponed. However, the training has since resumed in accordance with the guidelines issued by Ministry of Home Affairs.

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic, inter-alia,the following measures were taken to ensure a smooth training for the sportspersons including those who have qualified for upcoming 2021 Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo, Japan so that their performance is not affected:

  • Regular Online Training / Class conducted for athletes by the coaches to keep them motivated and fit during lock down period. Athletes were provided with online training module for daily practice.
  • Regular interaction with the athletes was done in order to boost their morale and keep them motivated in these tough times. Seminars and workshops by experts in sports psychology, sports science/medicating, nutrition in COVID 19, strength & conditioning, high performance sports environment, anti-doping have been organized via, video conferencing, social media like Facebook Live, Instagram Live etc., to educate athletes about how to cope with stress and depression during tough times and focusing on their objectives so that the training is not hampered.

  • Athletes & Coach Education Programme and Coach Development Programme (ACEP/CDP) was conducted and lecture was delivered by the Foreign Coaches and Sports Experts in different sports discipline. Total 10483 coaches in various sports discipline session and 3818 coaches’ sports science session participated.
  • The athletes were provided with necessary sporting equipment to enable them to keep fit. Further, those Olympic bound athletes who could not go back to their places due to lock down were given equipment in their rooms for training in SAI Centres.
  • National Coaching Camps: - National Coaching Camps have been resumed for the 2021 Olympic bound athletes. The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has been formulated for conduct of safe training.
  • One week “Soft Skill Development & Sensitization programme and COVID - 19 awareness programme were conducted for athletes.

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