Seven-crore infrastructure damage to KSEB

Ockhi-cyclone has destabilized the normal life in Kerala.To some it personal like destruction of houses, loss of beloved ones, uprootings of trees.Quantifying the loss the government incurs is very difficult.More than 7 crores worth of infrastructure loss due to the severing of feeder and supply lines to the Electricity board, other than the revenue loss.Thiruvananthapuram city, which has uninterrupted power supply compared to the other parts, too is in for a disruption of supply for long hours since midnight of 30th November.Supply of power has been partially restored but it may take days to weeks to restore completely. Feeder lines passing through remote places, it may take manual days with the workforce, not at one point may add to the vowes in carrying the replacement to the spot after identifying one.Power has become not only necessary but an utmost necessity to everyone from rural to urbanites. Instead of blame-game on the team or teams for the failure to restore power supply let us praise the committed workforce of the electricity board is at their best to restore the power supply because it is their bread and butter, power supply only brings revenue. 


Jan 222020
Aishwarya Saju bagged the Miss South India title Vidya Vijayakumar from Kerala won the Miss South India First Runner-up and Shivani Rai from Karnataka became the Miss South India Second Runner-up.