School of food science and technology soon.

As part of its plans to open new schools of learning in traditional and emerging areas, the Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) in Kottayam will soon roll out a new centre in the area of food science.

According to officials, the proposal to open the School of Food Science and Technology takes a cue from the university’s recent decision to increase the number of departments by adding ten more centres. It has also entrusted Robinet Jacob, head of the School of Tourism Studies, to prepare a project proposal of the new study department for consideration of the State government, they said.

Likewise, various subject experts have been assigned to prepare the proposals on starting new schools in various subjects, ranging from Nano Science to Energy Materials and Economics. A.P. Thomas, Honorary Director, ACESSD, has been tasked to prepare a format of the proposal to be submitted to the State government.

Established in 1983, the university currently has only 18 schools of learning.


Mar 162019
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Mar 132019
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