Roasted Bell Pepper Risotto...


1. Red Capsicum - Three.

2. Tomatoes - a large one.

3. Garlic - a small piece, with skin.

4. Onion - a large one.

5. Oil - three tablespoons.

6. Chili Powder - Two small teaspoons.

7. Basmati rice - one cup.

8. Water / Stock - Two cups.

9. Salt - to taste.

10. Thyme leaves and white cheese for garnishing.


Roast two bell peppers, Tomato, Garlic, placing them on an open flame on the stove top, turning them and charring their skins black.  Remove the black skin and grind well. Cut one capsicum into lengthy pieces. Then Chop the onion finely. After that heat the oil, add onion and fry for three to four minutes. Add chilli powder for some spicy taste. 

Then mix the  roasted Bell pepper, Tomato and fry until dry, add the soaked rice and salt and fry for two to three minutes. Add chopped capsicum and add stock / water and cook the rice. Garnish with thyme leaves and cheese.

Serve hot...



Aug 12020
The Covid pandemic affected each field of people around the world. Face masks and hand sanitizers have become a part of life. Actors began appearing in masks in movies and serials.

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Aug 82020
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