Rishi Mohandas, pin points security flaw in a premier Institute's web server

Rishi Mohandas, a cyber expert from Kannur, North Kerala during routine networking, found the web server of IIT, Delhi having a possibility of hackers to enter the site, by using SQL injection, one of the simple, common hacking technologies.  Had they found entry through this, a hacker could gain access to their admin login, which leads to the website, user's name, password of students in the campus, confidential details of employees and academic staff.This could have been a big deterrent.

Reacting quickly, the institute quickly closed three sub-websites, the students log in is key accessing crucial activities like confidential files, work in progress to conduct examinations.A big danger was nullified by the timely findings by a proud Malayalee Rishi Mohandas.

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Dec 222017
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