Realme Buds Q True Wireless Earbuds launched in India.

Realme launches new True Wireless Earbuds in India in response to Xiaomi's Earbuds S. Realme has introduced the new 'Realme Buds Q' in a similar design. Buds Q was designed by the French designer Jose Levy. Each one weighs as much as an A for paper, the company says. Therefore, the ear does not know much pressure.

With an IPX4 rating, they are resistant to sweat and small drops. Buds Q is available in black, yellow and white colours. Dynamic Boost Base Drivers and Realme Dynamic Base Boost Solution have been integrated into the earbud for better bass.

Earbuds come with touch control. Double tap can make phone calls and play the song. You can move to the next song by tapping three times. Pressing and holding down both earbuds for a while can activate gaming mode. The gaming mode is designed to ensure better sound while limiting battery usage while playing games on a smartphone. 

The charging case of the Realme Buds Q is similar to the charging case of the Shawomi Wireless Earbud in the shape of a large pill. It has a micro USB charging slot. There is also an LED indicator on the outside. The Case has a 30 watt fast charging facility. The earbuds charge for four and a half hours. Buds Q can be used for a total of 20 hours in support of the charging case.



Jul 42020
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