The Real Beauty of Our Home City in four minutes...

Go Trivandrum, a travel video does just that; it gives viewers glimpses of Thiruvananthapuram through the eyes of Scarlett Pigot from Ireland. The genre of this video is about a foreigner woman’s quest to inner peace and how God’s own country paved way for her by experiencing the real beauty of Trivandrum city. This film displays and explores the prime tourist attractions of the city. The quality of the audio and visuals enhance the realism and emotions.

The four-minute video is well shot, capturing places such as Edava, Balaramapuram, Vizhinjam and Poovar. A scene juxtaposing Scarlett against the green of Ponmudi is breathtaking as is the one of her walking up to a Robinson Crusoe kind of hut by a pristine Kappil beach. Seeing the city one grew up in through another’s eyes, especially that of a stranger to the city, often gives one a different perspective as familiar sights, sounds and smells take a fresh lease of life.  Anniina Vivian has dubbed for Scarlett while Rahul Prabhakaran is the sound designer of Go Trivandrum.

Drone shots give one a bird’s eye view of the Kerala Government Secretariat, Kanakakunnu Palace, Palayam, Ponmudi. Sameer Sakkariya, who has shot, directed and edited the video, shows Scarlett trying her hand at a loom and an elderly woman teaching her the art of draping a sari. Achappams taste sweeter to her, she says, when she scoops up perfectly shaped rosette cookies she’s made from the fiery wok. 

Sameer, who has collaborated with fashion entrepreneur Sobha Viswanath for the video, says, Go Trivandrum is an ode to Thiruvananthapuram. The travel video is the début work from the duo’s production house Playmaker Film House. An IT guy-turned-avid photographer turned-filmmaker, Sameer says he learnt the art of filmmaking through YouTube videos. “While working in various IT companies in Bangalore, I started focusing on photography, which was a passion of mine. The passion slowly shifted to cinematography and film making,” says Sameer.

They want more visitors to the city, courtesy of the travel video, but hope to encourage more women to take up travelling. Scarlett, is an avid solo traveller herself, says Sameer. He met her at a restaurant at Varkala. “I was looking for a foreigner for my video when I met Scarlett. She told me about her adventures across the globe and I felt she would fit the role to a T. Our shoot took her from Varkala to Ponmudi, Poovar and the city. At the end of the shoot, she told us how she felt like home here. She is now in Varkala and might join us for the video launch.”  

The duo rubs their hands now into the making of a travel video on Kochi.



******Banner Photo by Ajith Suseelan 

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