Plastic Task Force to prevent marine plastic pollution...

Become an eco-warrior and join Thanal’s first Plastic Task Force (PTF) in Kerala with the aim of preventing plastic from accumulating on beaches and in oceans. Two-hundred volunteers from nine coastal districts will educate coastal communities by holding beach clean-ups, plastic litter studies and campaigns.

Studies show that currently eight million metric tonnes of plastic is being dumped into the oceans every year and, by 2050, this will exceed the quantity of fish. Plastic waste is hazardous for marine creatures as they get entangled in the waste or poisoned. Although bans are in place regarding the use of plastics, our beaches continue to be littered by single-use plastics.

Thanal says that it is launching PTF as part of the global movement, #breakfreefromplastic, launched in September 2016. It conducted a plastic litter study during the last three months along the coast which revealed that there are over 17 crore pieces of plastic weighing about 1,057 tonnes along Kerala’s coastline.

Thanal has a registration form for those interested in becoming a part of PTF. It will be launched on August 19 at Shanghumugham beach at 5.30 pm by Mayor VK Prasanth.

Contact: 8078077990.


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