Paul Gauguin's painting auctioned for Rs 75 crores...

A rare painting by renowned French painter Paul Gauguin has been sold at auction for 9 9.5 million (more than Rs 75 crore). The Tea Bourao II, or Tree Painting, was twice the amount expected to be auctioned. The painting was completed in 1897 by Gauguin.

Eugine Henri Paul Gauguin was a French post-Impressionist artist. Gauguin is now recognized for his experimental use of colour and Synthetic style that were distinct from Impressionism. Toward the end of his life, he spent ten years in French Polynesia, and most of his paintings from this time depict people or landscapes from that region.

Recent discussions and studies on Gauguin's relationship with young women have led to a rise in the auction of paintings. Young women were featured in many of Gauguin's paintings. Whether the influence of the colonial period and the youthful relations between his writings has been the subject of recent debates.

Gauguin is known as one of the leading artists of the French Renaissance post-Impressionism era. However, his work received more attention after his death. Others, including Van Gogh, praised Gogon's painting style. The post-Impressionist era was aimed at depicting nature as a racist.

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