Patang Kite Museum, A nostalgic Memory...

The nostagic memories of Kite flying in childhood with friends are very emotional for everyone. Patang Kite Museum is a beautiful memoir for all of them who have these nostalgia. The Museum is located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Developed within the premises of Sanskar Kendra, which was designed by famous architect Le Corbusier, the idea of setting up Kite Museum, the first in India and the second in the world, took off when passionate kite collector, Bhanubhai Shah, gave away his collection to the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, which now manages the museum. He had collected and preserved kites of various shapes, sizes, colours and materials for over five decades.

It is known as Patang Kite Museum, its key highlights are kites made with mirrorwork, block prints as well as ones with beautiful illustrations and paintings. The museum also has a wide collection of hexagonal Japanese kites, rokoku, which measure up to 20 ft in length. Some of the kites are around seven decades old. Visitors also get to know about the history of kites, including the fact how Hiuen Tsang flew a kite in 200 BC at night as he attempted to frighten the army of China’s Liu Pang of Han dynasty. 

Patang Kite Museum is India's first and world's second museum. The Takao Museum in Japan is another such museum.


Jul 42020
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