1. Paneer - 200 g

2.Maida - Three tablespoons

Cornflour - three tablespoons

3. Kashmiri Chili Powder - a small spoon

Garlic paste - half a teaspoon

Onion paste - half a teaspoon

Pepper paste- to taste

Salt - to taste

Coriander - a large spoon

4. Yogurt - two tablespoons

Soy sauce - a small spoon

Flour - a large spoon

Cornflour - a large spoon

5. Water - for cooking

6. Bread crumbs - to taste

7.Oil - for frying


  • Combine the second ingredient Maida, Cornflower in a bowl.
  • Then add the third ingredient kashmiri powder, garlic paste, onion paste, pepper paste, Salt, coriander.
  • Dip paneer in it and set aside. The dough should be well covered in paneer.
  • Add the fourth ingredient yogurt, soy sauce, flour, Cornflower to the same flour, mix and add water to make the flour.
  • Dip each paneer in flour mixture, cover with bread crumbs and fry in hot oil.

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