Oxygen parlour at railway station to prevent air pollution...

The oxygen parlour was installed at the Nashik railway station to guard against pollution. The parlour was set up to breathe fresh air in the comfort of those who travel regularly. The Aero Guard is equipped with Indian Railways.

Airlift co-founder Amit Amritkar said the parlour was designed the parlour with NASA standard rules. 

A study by NASA in 1998 found the plants that absorb pollutants from the air. Most of these plants were planted in the parlour. It is estimated that these plants can purify 100 feet of air. About 1,500 such plants were planted at the railway station. Amit says it is clean enough to clean the air around the station.


Aug 12020
The Covid pandemic affected each field of people around the world. Face masks and hand sanitizers have become a part of life. Actors began appearing in masks in movies and serials.

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Aug 42020
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