Is drinking milk regularly good for health?

raw milk, a2 cows milk

Milk is an easily available as well as an excellent nutritional supplement if you plan to skip a meal. Especially for supper since milk is easily digestible after sunset. A glass of milk was drunk by elders and kids since time immemorial. There is no evidence though of young adults drinking it.

Today milk is popularized because of its calcium content essential to human bodies. Our bodies can only synthesize calcium if there is vitamin D. Rickets disease is caused not just by lack of calcium and vitamin D but phosphorus also plays an important role in bone health. Modern day milk lacks this ability because of synthetic feed and partly sick and genetically modified cows.

So what is best alternative to milk?

100ml of milk provides around 130mg of calcium. On the other hand 100grams of sesame seeds provide 1000mg of calcium and approx 700mg of phosphorus along with a myriad of other nutrients. Also, it’s a tough drought resistant crop. Consider cultivating it.

Sesame oil was traditionally applied to new born babies for the first few years as this is the only oil that can penetrate your flesh and reach your bones. Kalari (Indian martial arts) trainees apply sesame oil daily before practice.

So now you know how to keep your bones healthy.

Milk Allergy and intolerance is a new term for the world. As a nationality, we Indians are among the largest consumers of milk. US and other developed nations have major milk intolerance may be because their body is still trying to adapt to milk.

Another point is that the majority of bulk produced milk comes from cows with genetic alteration that have been heavily fed on commercial feeds containing hormones and synthetic compounds. This milk, in my opinion, is just white water with toxins.

Inorganic - organic milk and A1 – A2 milk is the least I am worried about right now in India. Adulteration in almost all food consumed is the major issue in today’s' world.

There has been lot of debate on 'is milk really healthy after the growth period?'.

Problem with most people is when there is research articles people overuse or abuse it.

Just what happened with milk. A glass of milk or half is more than enough. There are people drinking almost half a liter of milk a day for health. Other dairy products are also being used indiscriminately in everything we consume in the name of nutrition.

Milk is said to increase acid production in our stomach in long run and worsen ulcers.

However most research also says milk does provide temporary relief for heartburn and stomach acid production. Let’s see how it really works.

pH of our stomachs has been a long misunderstood topic. A simple Google search will result in thousands of links about acidic and alkaline foods that affect our stomachs' pH and its side effects.

pH of lemon is 2.5 which should be dangerous to our body, right? However when ascorbic acid from lemon goes inside our stomach it becomes alkaline.

Milk on the other hand is alkaline and once in your stomach it becomes acidic.

Apart from the nutrients, milk and yogurt are full of enzymes and probiotics that strengthen the mucus lining in the stomach and aids in digestion.

Buttermilk makes you produce more saliva, more on this later. Good saliva production is very crucial for a healthy body.

Gastric glands produce acid to digest food in our stomach and on the other hand it also produces mucus and alkaline solution to protect the linings. This is also controlled by pituitary gland located way up in the head. Imbalance in glands or may be the sphincter which separates esophagus from your stomach causes the excessive acidic food to enter back into esophagus. Esophagus doesn’t have mucus coating, causing gastric acid trouble. Our stomach pH is somewhere between 1.5 to 3, just wondering how acidic can milk become after digestion (or indigestion). Acidity is when food becomes putrefied and not digests.

When there is stomach bloating that is vata buildup there are chances the acid and putrefied food enters esophagus because of pressure. This is also the reason why you should not sleep or eat  immediately after a meal.

Milk may not treat the cause of excess acid production. You need an alternate; exercise and yoga will help.

Everything boils down to vata, pitta and kapha. Best way out is doing a little running or workout where vata goes out.

Most of the ailments start from your stomach.

All dairy products are good for Vata issues. Provided you consume it warm. So go ahead and drink a glass of good Indian cow’s milk daily at least an hour after dinner, add a little turmeric, ginger or pepper to make it an elixir.


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