Vidya Balan complains about sexism in Bollywood.

National award winner Vidya Balan is back with a bang with Kahaani 2.As she basks in its glory,she recently spoke about gender bias issues that she had faced in showbiz.Vidya Balan had faced immense rejection in her initial days, before she made in big in Bollywood. The best part is that she never complained about the rejection that she had faced and has always been very vocal about many issues in her life. Now she has openly spoken about sexism. In an interview, while speaking about the sexism issue that she had faced in the showbiz, Vidya Balan said that she was treated differently because she was a woman, which also included the payments issue. She cited an example of a film wherein the hero got paid more because he was a man and she, despite having a bigger role, got paid comparatively less because she was a woman. She added that she took her job really seriously, irrespective if the fact if she was a woman or a man. She cited another example of a man calling her up and not just congratulating her for a splendid performance in Ishqiya, but also, called her the ‘hero of the film.


Mar 162019
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Dec 52019
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