Derailment the curse of Indian railways.

Indian railways has been shattered by another horrible tragedy in the form of train derailment in Kanpur which claimed many lives. It is well known going by the history of train disasters in India that derailment is the cause of a majority of all accidents.Going back in history there have been even worse accidents, like in Bihar in 1981, when an estimated 500 to 800 people died as a passenger train derailed on a bridge and plunged into the Baghmati River. In another incident in August 1995, over 350 were killed when an express train collided with a stationary train.And the latest crash is India's worst rail tragedy since the collision of a passenger and a goods train in 2010, which the government blamed on sabotage by Maoist rebels.The South Asian nation's largely colonial-era railway network carries about 23 million people daily, but is saturated and in decrepit shape.The latest accident occurred at a time when the present government has been trying to make rail journey a pleasurable experience and more importantly, a safe one.