Nirav Modi "ideal partner" droped- by "elephant family"

Nirav Modi " ideal partner"- has been dropped by the "elephant family" a UK based charitable trust, Prince Charles is its patron, as Nirav Modi fell from the grace, with stigma in the recent fraud cheating PNB worth more than Rs.12600 crores. Elephant parade- a public function with 101 distinguished names each one painted an elephant on a fiberglass, auctioned, funds raised are utilized for promoting awareness about elephant corridors in India.

"We have removed all associations with Nirav Modi regarding this elephant. The elephant is embedded with jewels and stones, credit goes to Tejal Gala, the artist.This will be shown in the parade as a positive contribution to this vital cause."

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Dec 222017
Shaji Pappan,a favourite cult icon,is back in the movie Aadu 2 ,which will hit the theaters ,the prequel entertained us with variety of characters and style was a major factor about them .This time