News Corp Australia's newspapers are moving to digital.

News Corp Australia, the largest media group in Australia, has reportedly transferred more than 100 newspapers to digital. It is in the context of the economic implications and habits of readers that the Covid 19 pestilence has created. 

There are 112 newspapers in Australia. 76 of these will continue to be published online. 36 will disappear completely. Since April last year, 60 newspapers under News Corp have been suspended due to coronavirus infection. There are also indications that these may not be reopened. There are no accurate estimates of how many people will lose their jobs.

News Corp Australia chairman Michael Miller says Covid 19 has had a profound impact on local journalism. He also pointed out that during the lockdown that followed Covid's, the advertising revenue of the newspapers fell drastically. News Corp's digital media, however, grew by almost 60% during this period.

New research shows that readers increasingly prefer to read and subscribe to newspapers online. Advertisements have also moved online.

The company says the new changes are aimed at strengthening its digital landscape as readers and advertisers move online. The company plans to hire more online journalists and invest more in digital advertising and digital marketing.

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