NASA: A decade of sun...

A decade is a long time for humans. But it is a very short period for the developments in the universe. The sun is the energy center of the Solar System. It is the sun that sustains all life on earth, including us. 

NASA, the American space agency, has prepared such a spectacle. NASA has released a video that captures 11 years of imaging by NASA's Solar Dynamic Observatory orbiting Earth. The video, which added 11 years of pictures, is about an hour long. NASA's mission is to help scientists study how the sun's periodic cycle impacts the Earth. The highs and lows of solar activity can be clearly seen in this.

Each photo of the video released by NASA shows the sun every hour. Many people watched the beautiful sun rotate in such a 61-minute period that each of the images was combined. NASA uploaded this video to YouTube, titled The Decade of the Sun. More than six lakh people have seen it. Each image of the Sun captured by the Solar Dynamic Observatory has a high resolution of 42.5 crores.


Jul 42020
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