List of foods which can fill your stomach without adding much calories.

This is a list of foods that you can eat between meals containing less than 150 calories, that will prevent it stuffed.This will really go a long way in curbing your appetite and prevent you from gulping those calories.
1.70 oz. Raisins – 130 calories
2 kiwi fruit – 95 calories
21 almonds – 147 calories
Cup of yogurt – 60 calories
Cup of coffee without sugar + 0.35 oz. cheese – 37 calories
Glass of milk – 65 calories
3 small carrots – 65 calories
1 apples and 3.5 oz. yogurt – 50 calories.You can always eat sunflower or pumpkin, fresh lettuce with vinegar, a little roasted potatoes, baked apples without sugar or small amounts of dried fruits.


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