Light Metros-Thiruvananthapuram & Kozhikode Tug of war between DMRC and Kerala Government

The very fact of lukewarm response by the Kerala government for the past few months has turned out to be a tug of war between Kerala government and the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation DMRC. The net result of it is nothing less than 'spoke in wheel' DMRC withdrawing from the Light metro project at Thiruvananthapuram and Kozhikode, thereby putting a question mark on the project.

On one side, Kerala government has not submitted the revised detailed project report(DPR) to the Central government for the sanction, However, Kerala government intends to proceed further in the construction of flyovers in Thiruvananthapuram before sorting out the issue with DMRC.

DMRC has given in writing that it is dissociating itself with the light metro project. In the above scenario, Kerala government's calling for tenders to construct flyovers in Thiruvananthapuram makes one wonder when the project itself is a question mark.

Political conflict between the state  and central government has changed the equations between the stakeholders, also strained the relationship with the Kerala PWD minister and the Chairman of DelhiMetro Rail Corporation, to that extent the Minister  calling DMRC is only a "Contractor", has no standing in dictating terms to Kerala government, in a debate on the subject in a Television channel.

Union Government needs to bridge the gap in the interest of the people of the state.

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Dec 222017
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