Lenkara with online jewellery design competition 2020.

Lenkara - The Soul Jewellery, an exclusive designer jewellery brand, is set to launch its online jewellery design competition. The winners will receive Cash Prizes upto Rupees 3 lakhs, Award Trophy, Winners Certificate, Stylized photo shoot with Jewellery Manufactured, Coverage in Magazine advertisements and Coverage in TV Advertisement.

Winners of Lenakra 2020! Awards for 3 exclusive pieces of fine jewelry elegantly in each section, designed with particular attention given to the potential for reproduction using available technology and manufacturing processes will be given more preference. This award is more focused towards professionals and designers already in the industry. Presentations in 3D will be given more preference.

It is the highest award from Lenkara for exceptional and outstanding original designs that inspires the industry. The design will be chosen by our Jury from all the submissions received and can be . The design will be manufactured and displayed at Lenkara store hall of fame section. Designs will be evaluated on strength of concept across all categories.

This award aims to promote high quality work, attract, identify and celebrate unique and innovative design concepts 8from junior designers, aspiring jewelry design professionals, and hobbyist. More emphasis will be place on uniqueness, intricacy, and originality of ideas.

This years theme is "Under the Sea" enkara is committed to care for nature, environment, using natural resources & sustainability. So they are looking for designs, inspired from the beauty, complexity, and drama of the boundary-less ocean.

Last date for submwission extended to June 21,2020.

Rules and Guidelines.

  • Only wearable Jewelry are considered. (Necklaces & Earrings, Bracelets, Rings & other wearables).
  • Design should be original & not used in other competitions.
  • Only individuals are considered.
  • Details of materials used should be mentioned.
  • Identifiable religious symbols, images of gods, personalities should not be used.
  • Decision of judges will be final in all categories.
  • Presentation requires a description, mood board and design presentation, preferably in 3D for professional participation.
  • Presentation should be submitted as pdf, jpg or png files ( max of 12 MB in size).
  • The presentation should be printable in A3 size sheets.


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