Kerala's own water taxi: A milestone in tourism sector...

The State Water Transport Department (SWTD) has decided to launch a water taxi service across Kerala in phases. Water taxi is a new experience for the tourists. The first water taxi service in Kerala launched in Alappuzha. Service to other locations will begin shortly. Initially, only four boats will be in service. Passengers will be transported across the district. The SWTD had conducted a feasibility study on water taxis and said it would supply diesel engines to four boats ordered by the government.

These boats will be serviced on the water in the same way that taxis are serviced on roads. The rates will be on an hourly basis and will be affordable, officials said. Water taxis are a popular way for tourists to enjoy the beauty of the voyage and travel from one place to another for a variety of purposes.

These water taxis are not limited to certain routes. Instead it will be connected to a boat station. From there, the service will run to various destinations as per the demand of the people. The first of the four boats began the service in the beautiful backwaters of Alappuzha from the first week of October. Water Taxi is sure to add another dimension to the tourism sector of the state.

Although it is called a water taxi, it is a mistake to think that it is a small boat. The SWTD director, who further revealed about the water taxis, said the diesel-powered boats have a seating capacity of 10 people. He said the boats would travel at a speed of 15 nautical miles per hour, thereby helping passengers reach their destinations faster than usual.


Nov 192020
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