Kerala Tourism organised a string of high-energy roadshow....

As part of tapping the European market, Kerala Tourism organised a string of high-energy roadshows by participating in the World Travel Market (WTM) London, 2019, and showcased its products in the markets of Denmark and Finland.

Director of Tourism P. Bala Kiran led the official delegation, comprising prominent trade partners such as hoteliers, resort owners, tour operators and service providers, to WTM London and roadshows in Copenhagen and Helsinki.

At WTM London, the pavilion had the theme of ‘Human by Nature’, the latest innovative marketing campaign that creates a beautiful symmetry between the State’s people and nature. A three-minute destination campaign film, part of a marketing strategy to refurbish Kerala’s tourist appeal beyond the Indian shores, triggered huge interest among Londoners.

A large number of meetings were scheduled with tour operators, leading travel publications, and outbound tour operators at the London Pavilion. Alongside, the delegation held B2B meetings with the trade partners from Kerala. Incidentally, the UK ranks number one among the markets for Kerala in terms of tourist arrivals with 201,258 visitors coming to the State in 2018.

At the roadshow in Helsinki, the Tourism Director made a presentation before the traders from Finland. At the roadshow in Copenhagen, Indian Ambassador to Denmark, Ajit Gupte was the chief guest. Both the roadshows concluded with the ‘Go Kerala’ contest that offered the winners ‘Go Kerala Certificate’ with an eight-day holiday. Roadshows were also held in Warsaw and Budapest last month


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