Ken Dodd- Comedian Dies at 90

Ken Dodd - comedian well known to Britishers, a star with a difference with a spiky hair, buck teeth, and a magic stick, he use to energize make everybody laugh till he chokes by a cough, unable to breathe, breathed his last at 90.

Popular theater artist in 1950, Ken Dodd, a hat got him nickname "madcap" who lived up to, could generate humor off-the-cuff rejoinders, lead him to become one of the great comedians in the Television programme and Radio in Great Britain.

Robert Homes remembers "to my mind he was one of the last music hall greats, Dodd holds Guinness world record for telling 1500 jokes in 3 hours.

Knight-hood, rightly earned by his performance, never thought of ending his shows till the end of life, fell sick while preparing for a show, brought the inevitable end.

Even at 82, on the stage, he gets his energy, where from god only knows, electrifies the audience by his clever reply.

May his soul rest in peace.

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Dec 222017
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