Karkkidakam; The Holy month of revival...

As the earth cools in the rain, humans must also be prepared to face that cold and the coming climate change. Cancer is the best time for this. The changes in the human body during each season have been observed and analyzed in the Ayurvedic text Ashtanga Hridayam.

During the winter, spring and summer seasons, the body's immune system is weakened. The monsoon season and the accompanying Cancer season are also a time to keep fit.

During the monsoon season, the digestive process slows down and care should be taken not to cause gas. Here are some tips to help you get rid of cancer.

Soups with dried grains, meat or pulses, honey and ghee should be included in the diet. Drink only boiled water. Do not daydream.

Avoid fermented foods. Instead of red chillies, pepper or a small amount of green chillies is enough. Fenugreek coffee and chukku coffee are also good for digestion.

Boiled water with mint leaves can be used for drinking and bathing. Bathing in boiled neem water in can also give immunosuppressive effect.

Eat one gooseberry daily. Eating one teaspoon of gooseberry powder daily and taking gooseberry chemical will give results.

A teaspoon of anti-microbial powdered triphala powder (mustard, gooseberry, tannic) can be boiled in a cup of water and drunk well. Triphala powder can also be boiled in bath water.

Add one teaspoon of dried turmeric powder to lukewarm water daily to increase immunity. It is also recommended to take one teaspoon (5 ml) of home-grown aloe vera gel daily.

 Chittamrit is good for cleansing the blood and boosting the immune system by expelling toxins from the body. Ayurveda says that there are less incurable diseases if Chittamrit is served regularly.


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The Covid pandemic affected each field of people around the world. Face masks and hand sanitizers have become a part of life. Actors began appearing in masks in movies and serials.

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