Kani Kusruthi wins international award.

Kani Kusruthi wins international award for her performance in 'Biriyani'. Kani Kusruthi was nominated for Best Actress in a BRICS Competition at the 42nd Moscow Film Festival.

This is the first time a Malayalam film has won the award at the Moscow Film Festival, one of the 15 best film festivals in the world (Fiapf Accredited), which started in 1935. Biriyani was one of only two Indian films to compete in the BRICS category. The jury announced the awards for Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Picture, Best Director, and the Jury Prize.

Performing world premiere at the Asiatica Festival in Rome, Italy, winning the Netflix Award for Best Film, Jury Award at the Bangalore International Film Festival, Kani Kusruthi Award for Second Best Actress at the Imagine International Film Festival, Padmarajan Award for Best Screenplay, Padmarajan Award for Best Screenplay; After her selections, Kani Kusruthi won the International Award for Best Supporting Actress at the Imagine Film Festival in Madrid, Spain.

The film is about Kadeeja and her mother who leave the country due to unforeseen events in their lives and their subsequent journey. .. Sajin Babu is writing and directing "Biriyani" under the banner of UN Film House. Camera: Karthik Muthukumar, Editing: Appu Bhattathiri, Music: Leo To, Art: Nitish Chandra Acharya, News Propaganda: AS Dinesh.

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