Indian IT companies may not have impact - H1B Visa

Trump's administration is to restrict H1B visa, which may not impact Indian IT companies. Maybe Indian IT companies need to put  an extra effort to prove that H1B employee at a third part worksite has specific and non-qualifying jobs., The US administration's move to a policy empowering the US citizenship and immigration services(USCIS) to issue H1B visas to an employee for only for a period where the individual has worked at a third-party worksite.

Further, every H1B application for a third-party worksite has to be approved, the applicant has to prove the applicant will be employed in a specialty occupation, the employer-employee relationship with the beneficiary for the duration of the requested validity period.

Many large companies are working within the laws, there are some who misuse the law, they will be hurt.

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Dec 222017
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