India wins Chess Olympiad...

India and Russia have been declared joint champions in the final of the 2020 Online Chess Olympiad, which was errored by internet glitches. This is the first time India has won the Chess Olympiad.

Three Indian players, including Malayalee Nihal Sarin, could not complete the match due to technical reasons. Following this, India appealed. Arkady Djokovic, president of the International Chess Association, said the two teams would be declared joint winners.

Women's world champions Koneru Hampi and Divya Deshmukh were the other Indian players to be logged out due to a server error. This was part of a series of disruptions to Internet service around the world. India and Russia were level on three points from six matches in the first round. All six matches were drawn. Vidith Santosh of India,  Harikrishna, Harika,  Pragnananda, Divya Deshmukh and Koneru Hampi scored the equalizers.

In the second round, India replaced Harikrishna and Pragnananda with Nihal Sar. Anand was also played. The problem with the internet connection is that India is lagging behind. The match between women's rapid champion Koneru Hampi and Blitz champion Catherine Lagno of Russia was exciting. Hampi raised hopes of victory but eventually drew level.

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