India should be a permanent member of the U.N Security Council; Russia with support...

Russia is back in support of India's longstanding demand for permanent United Nations security. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Levrov said he wants India to be a permanent member of the Security Council. He was speaking at a function in New Delhi. “We are aware that the key to global development is to create new centres of economic power and political influence. India is definitely such a centre, 'said Sergey Levrov.

India has long wanted the United Nations Security Council to expand and to be a permanent member of the committee. Along with India, countries like Brazil, Germany and Japan are also in need of expansion. Countries including India are demanding that the Security Council be expanded to represent all continents and member states of the world. 

The Security Council currently consists of five permanent members of the United States, Russia, France, China and the United Kingdom and 10 temporary members elected over a two-year period. 

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