India launches new tracking satellite...

India to launch a new satellite to boost Indian security. The Risat-2 BR1 is set to launch on December 11th. The Launching will be with ISRO's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) rocket. It will be launched on December 11 at 3.25 pm. RISAT-2 BR 1. is a radar imaging earth observation satellite weighing 628 kilograms and will launch nine foreign satellites. This includes the US's five artificial satellites, and one each from Israel, Italy and Japan.

The information provided by the ISRO states that these satellites will carry the PSLV-QL variant rocket. This rocket has four motors. The second launch of the PSLV-QL version is scheduled for December 11th. The RESAT-2 BR1 will be released 16 minutes after launch. One minute after that, foreign satellites will be launched. The launch mission will be completed in 21 minutes. The ISRO has placed 310 foreign satellites into orbit so far. With the launch of its December 11 launch, it will hit 319.


Aug 12020
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Aug 82020
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