Great response to online classes in Kerala...

The best response on the first day to online classes organized by Kite Victors for school students across the state. Parents also say that online classes provide an opportunity for children to study at home. But there are also concerns that thousands of students are out of this facilities due to various reasons, including lack of infrastructure.

Online classes are the only way to continue learning during this pandemic. The biggest drawback is that the teacher does not get the child's responses. To solve this, teachers should interact with children by creating social media groups in their respective schools.

The calculation about how many students viewed classes via the Internet is possible. But it is not possible to estimate the students viewed through the channel. It is impossible to teach online that require lab facilities. The government has decided to provide more facilities after the first phase of the trial.

The tribal and plantation areas in Idukki and Wayanad are also facing a crisis. With the onset of the rainy season, there is a high risk of power failure in many places. But the district administration said the concerns were temporary and would soon be resolved. The crisis is also acute in areas including Attappady and Nelliyampathy. Officials said the facility would be set up in a week here, including a social learning center.

In an introductory message, CM said that teachers should monitor the practicality of online class and that parents should ensure that students are attending the class. The opening of schools during this situation would start expanding Covid. The Minister of Education, Prof. C. Raveendranath said that the new system is not an alternative for schools and teachers and that the present situation is not a viable option. The minister said that the students would be given good classes as much as possible.



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