Google's Verified Call feature to prevent fraudulent phone calls.

Google is trying to block annoying marketing calls. The company has also developed a new feature called Google's phone app. This way you can get verified information about commercial calls.

This new system called 'Verified Calls' allows commercial enterprises to verify their address. Those who get the phone call can see the company name and show the reason for calling them. Simply put, commercial firms can inform their customers that their official phone call is in place and make it clear why the phone is calling.

These verified calls will also have the logo of the commercial entity. Google said it will not share any important information about users with its business partners. This new feature was first reported by the Android Police website. In this system, commercial firms must first send their phone call information to the Google server. This information will be made known to users through the Google Phone App.

Google's verified calls will be activated in the phone app. Users will have the option to opt out. Google's Verified Call System helps users respond only to legitimate commercial calls. This will help reduce telemarketing fraud.

In India, the True caller app with similar features has already become very popular. The True Caller app helps users to report and label spam calls.



Jul 42020
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