Gnawa Music on UNESCO Heritage List; Celebrates the streets of Morocco...

UNESCO recognizes Morocco's traditional art form listed in the cultural heritage of Gnawa as part of African and Sufi culture. This recognition was celebrated by the Gnawa artists as they danced and sang in the streets. Gnawa is an old-fashioned Moroccan art form. Gnawa music, associated with African and Sufi culture, is played in the background by a harp called gunebri and the steel castanets known as the Krakebs. 

With the opening of the World Music Fair in Esauria in 1997, the popularity of Gnawa music has spread worldwide. Gnawa artists, which had previously been confined to Morocco, became increasingly popular. The festival is held annually and is attended by many artists from all over the world. Along with this, new forms of Gnawa music have emerged. Gnawa songs using modern musical instruments are still popular today.

The Gnawa artists in Morocco responded that they were very happy with the UNESCO Heritage List. Mukhtar Ghania, a renowned Ghanaian musician, said that his aim is to spread Gnawa music worldwide. Gnawa artists celebrated this feat by singing and dancing in traditional attire. 

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