Gain weight- Ten tips in Ayurveda

Often we hear is to lose weight-obesity has become so common, health tips on how to lose weight are too common. Whereas, it is rare to hear tips on gaining weight as this problem is not given its due importance.  We give you ten tips to gain weight through Ayurveda, in a balanced healthy way.

The determination of each one's optimal weight is not by the number of Kilos but according to body's constitution Vata, Pitta, Kapha. It is equally important to know that gaining weight does not in any way affect your body and overall health.

Ayurved's treatment is healthy, simple and holistic, the person should always maintain healthy weight-neither under nor overweight. A healthy person, with appropriate weight according to age, is seen with good immunity and can lead a better life.According to Ayurveda, "Vata" dominant physiology are typically 'thin' while people with "Kapha" tend to have over-weight. 'Vatta' dominant person, instead of worrying to gain too much of weight, he can focus on the strong and healthy body,  following our tips would make your body gain weight.

1.Soy Bean - Soybean high protein and ideal for a vegetarian, as a good source to add weight. For a non-vegetarian, any type of meat twice a week is ideal.

2. Have Curd, ghee, Milk, sugarcane juice, Rice, Black gram, Wheat as your regular diet. This will help you to gain weight.

3. By eating these food items, it is not enough, but a regular exercise to allow the metabolism in its perfect cycle, which keeps a strong appetite.

4. Spices are important to stimulate the appetite. Small quantities of cinnamon, Garlic, Ginger, Cardamom, clone and Black pepper is essential in your food you eat.

5. Sleep well at night. 8 hours of sleep is essential to recoup. Avoid using Laptops mobile before giving to bed. a glass of milk with a pinch of turmeric is good for a sound sleep.

6. Eat at a normal place, too slow nor too fast is not advised, normal speed of eating stimulates the salivary glands, which helps digestion.

7. Do not watch television, nor read, not engage in other activity while eating.

8. Noise-free, clean environment is the ideal place to have meals.

9. Do not drink water before meals, do not drink too much before or after meals. Drink lukewarm water, if essential, sip by sip. and reasonable quantity after the meals. too much of drinking water at a time is bad for the stomach.

10. Massaging the body with 'Sesame oil' makes muscle and bones strong. it helps blood circulation to carry nutrients to all parts of the body.

Follow this strictly to gain ideal weight.




Jan 222020
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