Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sincerely apologized for the data breach-over the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which caused a serious " breach of trust" between the Facebook and its users. "I want to share an update on the Cambridge Analytica situation including the steps we have already taken and our next step is to address this important issue. I have been working to understand exactly what happened and how to make sure this does not happen again, he wrote on the facebook.
70 years old Toys RUs, an established chain of Toy shops manufacture has decided to down the shutter due to heavy loss. 740 shops in the US selling exclusively toys, will be forced to end their business due to the invasion of online shopping and mobile games. It is not only applicable to Toys RUs but to all toy manufacturers shall be forced to down their shutters,  worse days  are ahead in the coming months. The habits of present children too are changing, are not interested in playing with toys but with keyboards.
The country of "Pathans"- Afghanistan too has "Donald Trump", named after the 3rd child of Asadullah Poya and his wife. Poya says" I loved Donald Trump, his personality and I think he is the best in economics, an also a great politician."
Wall Street Bank stated that Goldman Sachs Group Inc is keen to recruit more women in the global workforce by 2021. The company also is keen to hype the process of recruitment to address the gender and racial imbalances across the country. Even though there has been some progress in women's representation in ethnic and racial diversity, yet there is a long way to go, in achieving the target. Goldman Sachs has an ambitious target of raising women workforce to the desired level of 50:50 man-women workforce.
Ken Dodd - comedian well known to Britishers, a star with a difference with a spiky hair, buck teeth, and a magic stick, he use to energize make everybody laugh till he chokes by a cough, unable to breathe, breathed his last at 90. Popular theater artist in 1950, Ken Dodd, a hat got him nickname "madcap" who lived up to, could generate humor off-the-cuff rejoinders, lead him to become one of the great comedians in the Television programme and Radio in Great Britain.
The United States of America, No 2 crude oil producer in the world after Saudi Arabi, producing 10.37 million barrels per day (bpd), Russia producing 11 million barrels per day is pumping more oil into the market, thereby forcing the oil prices to slide, even though the initial trend was showing upwards.The prices came down by 13 cents in the afternoon of Monday.
American President Donald Trump is worried over the trade war between US and China, has deferred imposing stiff tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. The gap between exports and import by the US and other countries, there is an imbalance. This trade imbalance is the indicator of America's trade policy. It is estimated that America lost 800 billion US dollars every year for so many years, said the spokesperson, a major loss of 500 billion US Dollars in a year to China.
After a gap of three decades, mighty USSR got divided, Russia was carved out, has now tried to resurrect as a superpower, is trying to prove a point. Putin's cruise missile with nuclear propulsion can travel any distance in an unpredictable pattern, simply, it can change its course haphazard and unpredictable, so much so make the enemies squint their eyes. Russian"Sarmat" an intercontinental ballistic missile, will replace the existing rockets which can hoodwink any threat by the missile. Putin claims that Russia is the only country which has this capability in the world.
Trump's administration is to restrict H1B visa, which may not impact Indian IT companies. Maybe Indian IT companies need to put  an extra effort to prove that H1B employee at a third part worksite has specific and non-qualifying jobs., The US administration's move to a policy empowering the US citizenship and immigration services(USCIS) to issue H1B visas to an employee for only for a period where the individual has worked at a third-party worksite.