Drone Ambulance; A milestone in the Health Sector...

Alec Momont, an engineering student, has developed a flying drone with emergency lifeguards. The drone was developed mainly for heart disease patients. The drone can be made by mobile call in case of emergency. This will include emergency life-saving equipment. The drone is capable of carrying four kilograms of weight. This drone can be used for treatment with a defibrillator, which is important in treating heart disease.

Drones can be sent from the same center to different parts at the same time. Drones can also be controlled from these centers remotely. At the scene of the accident, the health workers can begin rescue work with the help of those who have already been there. The drone ambulance is equipped with a communications center from the drone control center. The system will also provide instructions on how to use drone first aid equipment.

This ambulance drone can travel at speeds of up to 100 km per hour. The drone is powered by six propellers. Alec Momont points out that there are about 8,000 heart attacks in the Europe every year. Only 8 percent of them survive it. Alec claims his drone will make big strides this way.

The drone can be available through emergency calls. The drone reaches the right place with GPS navigation. In addition, the doctor's instructions are available over the phone. As will be clearly seen in the videocamera in the drone.


Jul 42020
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