Disney's new brand name 'Twentieth Television'.

Twentieth Century Fox 'is now part of history. The Walt Disney Company has put an end to an eventful and colorful chapter in the world of entertainment. The name Twentieth Century Fox, written in gold letters at the beginning of thousands of movies and TV shows, is no longer visible. Disney has announced that it is officially changing the brand name of the production house in Hollywood.

Disney started talking about rebranding to stay away from the Fox News network after it signed a 71 billion dollars  deal last year to buy the majority of Rupert Murdoch's Fox Media assets. Twentieth Century Fox is an 85-year-old studio brand. In January, Disney announced that its film division, the Twentieth Century Fox brand, would henceforth be known as Twentieth Studios.

Despite the name change, Disney Television Studio President Craig Hunegues said that the popular theme tune and searchlight logo remain intact. The film studio produced all-time hits in the history of Hollywood, including Star Wars, The Sound of Music, Die Hard, and Home Alone. The company was also the maker of television shows The Simpsons and Modern Family.


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