Covid Defence: People control themselves in Sweden without a lockdown.

Sweden has taken a less relaxed approach when other countries in Europe seek to defend the pestilence by imposing lockdowns and stringent regulations.

Sweden is only appealing to the people of the country to defend against coronavirus without even leaving schools when the borders of neighboring Denmark and Finland are closed. The country has delegated the responsibility of defending Covid-19 without restrictions.

The country's public health system has made a clear assessment of the spread of the virus worldwide, including in Europe. Health experts in Sweden conducted a detailed study of what other countries are adopting for prevention. Since then, people have been raising awareness. He urged people to take appropriate precautions to reduce the spread of the virus.

In Sweden, 3,700 people have been diagnosed with the disease. The death toll is one hundred and ten. This is the official report. Sweden has a lower morbidity and mortality rate compared to other countries. Tegnell says that is Sweden's biggest goal and that is why it is necessary to address this threat to people without fear of corona. However, he added that if the infection rate is to increase drastically, necessary measures will be taken.

Prime Minister Stefan Lofen had earlier said he would increase contact if there was a social spread. The goal of preventing the spread of the virus can only be achieved if each person is prepared, he said. Sweden has also made arrangements for the sick.


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