BCCI recommended to change PSL to next year.

The arrival of Covid pandemic completely affected the sports calendar. This is followed by several series and tournaments on the verge of 'confrontation'. India and Pakistan have come to the fore with regard to the cricket calendar. The BCCI had earlier announced plans to hold the IPL in September-October. However, the PCB had earlier said it would host the Asia Cup at the same time. Meanwhile, PCB chief executive Wasim Khan has said that the Pakistan Super League (PSL) is also planning to host a stalemate after that.

The move to hold the Asia Cup in the same window as the IPL has been provoked the BCCI. A BCCI official told the PCB that the remaining matches in the PSL should be postponed to next year and the Asia Cup to be held in this window (November).

The Asia Cup is going to be tough this year. The PCB chairman's pointed window will suit them. But India cannot agree. If the BCCI is to get a window at the same time, the PSL will have to be moved to next year. The BCCI official told a national media outlet that organizing the Asia Cup is not feasible at this challenging time.

Meanwhile, PCB chief Wasim Khan said he was unaware of the BCCI's window for the 13th season of the IPL in September-October. Once clarity is made in this regard, things will be planned accordingly. In the current situation, the September-October window is open for the Asia Cup, Khan said.



Jul 42020
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