Australia swallows wildfire for four months 50 billion species became ashes!

Wildfires in Australia are reported in September 2019. Four months later, in January 2020, the wildfire has not been brought under control. In the meantime, 17 people have died in a wildfire in Australia. Many people have gone missing. According to reports, the death toll is likely to rise further. 

The most alarming statistics for wildfires in Australia are the number of dead animals. It is reported that more than 50 million animals have already been burnt in the forest fire. Ecological scientists at the University of Sydney estimate that more than 48 million mammals, including birds and reptiles, including kangaroos and koalas, are found in Australia alone.

Australian Environment Minister Susan Ley said in an interview with ABC Radio that 30 per cent of the animals in New South Wales have been wiped out. Environmental lovers worry that the loss of the ecosystem, including trees, herbs and other species, will be even greater. The only figures that have come out so far are animal-related damage.

The real picture is clear only when a wildfire is on fire. But given the current situation, controlling wildfire is not easy. Reports indicate that many programs are being implemented to save animals from wildfires, but they are not effective.

A wildfire has burned 1200 homes. Many lost all their savings. All the settlements were uninhabitable due to the ash and smoke. These areas will take days to recover. Police have evacuated people from areas prone to wildfire. Reports say that Australia is in a very sad state of affairs at all levels.

Australia's atmosphere is smoky with wildfires. People are worried about the health problems caused by this. There are people in Australia who can't control it. In Australia, there is no road, no traffic and no traffic.
About 150 million acres in six states in Australia have been devastated by wildfires. New South Wales has the most damage. The fire has spread over 89 lakh acres. More than four million hectares of land have been burnt here alone. 900 homes burned. A seven-day state of emergency has been declared here.

Atmospheric temperatures are set to hit the all-time high in Australia in December. The average temperature in Australia is currently 40 degrees Celsius. This too has caused a wildfire. In fact, summer has just begun in Australia. January and February are the hottest months. So the drought and water shortages are expected to continue in the coming months. Authorities have banned tourists from areas where wildfires are likely to spread. Australia has also issued a final directive for tourists to leave the country, including Bitsbay. 

In 2019, the Amazon wildfire burned over 900,000 hectares. In California, more than 800,000 hectares of wildfire was destroyed in the wildfires in 2018. But Australia's fiercest wildfire is on the rise. 


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