Apple iOS 14 came with a new home screen and upgrades...

Apple has unveiled the new IOS version at its annual World Wide Developer Conference. The new iOS 14 features include an advanced translation app and the ability to unlock the car with an iPhone. Preliminary reports say that Apple has copied 10 features of Android.

IOS 13's successor, which was released last year, has a new design iPhone home screen. The iPhone's home screen has not changed much since the iPhone was introduced in 2007. It also features such as WhatsApp library, Picture Video, better widgets and new Siri interface for better ordering of apps.

The App Library is a separate page that separates applications into separate categories. Facebook and Twitter will be grouped into social apps. If you do not want the App Library style, you can use the old style. Many Android phones already have many pre-installed apps, including Google Apps, that can be grouped into separate categories.

Picture in Picture Video is available on the home screen as it is on the iPad OS and Mac OS. This way you can do something else on your phone by watching the video. The video will work while phone and facetime. The ability to pin chats has also been introduced. Third party email apps and browsers can be set as default apps. This means that Gmail app can be used as default email app on iPhone.

You can use Firefox, Google Chrome or the default Internet browser. Another feature of IOS 14 is the ability to use applications that are not installed on the phone through QR code scanning or near-field communication.

IOS 14 will work on all iPhones running iOS 13. The final version will be released with the iPhone 12 phone. The developer version of iOS 14 can now be downloaded. The public beta version will be released in July.


Jul 42020
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