Amazon acquires 11 Boeing jets to improve delivery network.

Amazon bought 11 Boeing 767-300 jets from Delta and West Jet to expand their fleet to improve customer service.The company said in a statement on Wednesday that the expanded fleet will support Amazon's customer base as aircraft join Amazon Air's cargo network in 2021 and 2022.

Amazon Air's Fleet extension comes at a time when users are relying on faster and free shipping than ever before. Sarah Rhodes, vice president of Amazon Global Air, said the combination of aircraft leased and company-owned aircraft in the growing fleet will allow them to better manage their operations, which will help the company fulfill its customer promises, they added.

Four planes purchased from WestJet in March are currently being torched by Amazon as passenger-to-cargo torches.
Seven aircraft purchased from Delta will be added to Amazon's Air Cargo Network in 2022. These fleet additions will ensure additional capacity on Amazon Air's network in the years to come.

Amazon said it will continue to rely on third-party carriers to operate these new aircraft. Since the launch of Amazon Air in 2016, Amazon has invested millions of dollars and created thousands of new jobs at Amazon Air locations across the US. In 2020, Amazon Air announced the purchase of six million gallons of sustainable aviation fuel. It has already invested in state-of-the-art electric ground service equipment and planned solar roof panels in some facilities.

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