Aadhaar PVC Card: Now you can order online...

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has launched a new service called "Order Aadhaar Card". Accordingly, Aadhaar card holders will get their Aadhaar details printed on the PVC card. The facility to order Aadhaar PVC card is available online. 

The UIDAI said in a tweet that all taxes and delivery fees (via speed post) are Rs 50. Aadhaar PVC Card is the latest version of Aadhaar introduced by UIDAI. Those who do not have a registered mobile number can also order an Aadhaar PVC card using another mobile number. The PVC Aadhaar card contains a secure QR code with photo and demographic details that is easy to carry and has multiple security features.

Aadhaar Card can order online through UIDAI using your Aadhaar number, virtual ID or enrollment ID. For this you have to pay a fee of Rs.50. The Aadhaar PVC card will be delivered to your address via speed post. 

Fill in your Aadhaar number or Virtual Identification Number or EID to order Aadhaar card. Click on 'Send OTP'. You can order an Aadhaar card using your registered mobile number or other mobile number to receive OTP. Aadhaar preview is available for registered mobile users. 

Preview of Aadhaar card details is not available for unregistered mobile based order. Time-Based-One-Time-Password (TOTP) can also be used through the M-Aadhaar application. After submitting the OTP, make the payment and then order the PVC Aadhaar reprint.


Nov 192020
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Dec 22020
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