‘Operation Bolt’ to combat drug mafia in Kerala.

The city police have launched ‘Operation Bolt’ to counter the activities of the drug mafia and goons in the city, in light of the increasing incidents of violence and drug-related cases. As a first step, the police have gathered information on 210 serial offenders and put them under constant surveillance.

Details of pending cases against them will be checked and repeat offenders will be charged under various sections including the Kerala Anti-Social Activities (Prevention) Act (KAAPA). Night-time patrolling will be held in sensitive areas.

Abandoned buildings and forested areas within the city where groups gather to share drugs have been identified. Local police and shadow police will carry out frequent checks in these areas. Border areas have been put under surveillance to ascertain the sources of drug flow into the city.

The District Police Chief (Thiruvananthapuram city) will keep a tab on the drug-related cases registered in various police stations in the city. The police have identified around 150 drug sellers in the city. A special team will be formed to prevent drug sales and to take them into custody.

The public can inform the police if they come across instances of the drug trade to Citizen Police Vigil at 9497975000.



Mar 162019
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Dec 52019
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